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What is Litecoin?

Litecoin (LTC) is a cryptocurrency built on the premise of quick confirmation times and low transaction fees. These features, combined with the increasing desire to have greater control over one's finances, are quickly propelling Litecoin towards becoming the new global payments standard for consumers and businesses worldwide.


Litecoin transactions are confirmed faster than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin because it generates a block every 2.5 minutes as opposed to Bitcoin’s 10 minutes. This means you get your money quicker.


Litecoin keeps a record of every transaction in its blockchain, which is near impossible to alter because of the way it is secured through miners and a high hashrate. Essentially, the ledger Litecoin creates cannot be altered.

low fees

Whether sending large or small amounts, Litecoin transactions have extremely low fees. On top of this, payment processing fees are far less than those incurred by credit cards and other forms of payment.


Litecoin is consistently among the top coins in terms of liquidity. This means it is more readily available for daily purchases and conversions into local currencies.

Litecoin for businesses

Whether you’re an online retailer, service business or anywhere in between, accepting Litecoin can transform your business. Download our Accepting Litecoin overview to learn more about cryptocurrency and how to trade them via the bitcoin profit trading platform to double the profit and also how accepting Litecoin can impact your business.


The Litecoin advantage


Instant payments with the click of a button

Receive payments easily and leverage a multitude of payment processors to choose whether or not you want to hold the Litecoin or convert it into your local currency. Litecoin is a good investment option. However, you have to choose the best stocks to make a profit from crypto trading. Check the insidebitcoins site to find how to buy stocks with PayPal.


Keep your money safe

Litecoin’s blockchain technology maintains a record of every transaction, which is near impossible to alter. This keeps your payments safe from fraud schemes and bad actors.

Low fees

Add to your bottom line

No banking costs, integration is free and payment processing fees are significantly less than credit card and other payment processing fees. For customers, sending micro or large amounts has extremely low fees. It’s a win-win on both sides!

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